Dive Santo, Vanuatu - SS President Coolidge - 31st July to 7th August 2019


Dive the SS President Coolidge ship wreck.

The SS President Coolidge is unique amongst wrecks for many reasons:

It’s an SS – a steam ship – a luxury liner with rooms for almost 1,000 rich people! Not a warship, though it was pressed into service as a troop carrier with 5,342 troops on board, and sank as a result of hitting two US mines.

It’s a shore dive. There are many wrecks which are: usually because the skipper tried to run the ship aground in order to potentially save it from sinking. The few that were saved this way, aren’t wrecks, but most, like the Coolidge didn’t quite make it. The Coolidge hit the reef, listed badly, eventually capsized and slide down the slope a little. Still, all but two on board were saved.

It’s big: nearly 200m long, and 25m wide – it’s a big dive site! How long would it take to explore that ship even if it was docked at Sydney’s overseas terminal and you were just walking around it? Laid on its side: its deck plates vertical, with its bow around 20m and stern around 70m there are some serious decompression issues to be taken into consideration.

Trip details

  • 8 days / 7 nights, based on twin share

  • ex Sydney

  • 10 shore dives

  • Transfers included

  • Breakfast included daily

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