Marine Species Guide


By Johan Boshoff and Annatjie Rademeyer

This book can be used by scuba divers and snorkelers as a quick reference guide to help them identify and learn the fish species that they will encounter underwater. The book covers all of the marine species found on the coral reefs around the world.  Line drawings of fish families simplify identification underwater and general behavior of the family along with interesting facts are listed. Information includes the common family names, aliases, biological family names, size, identification, general information, feeding preferences and where the families occur around the globe.

Photographs of the most common of the species found when scuba diving or snorkeling are included and the fish families are organised for easy reference.

Alias – The common name used in other regions.
Family name – Scientific name of the family, order or suborder
Size – Maximum and average size of animal.
Identification – Distinguishing features of the animal family
General information – Behaviour description of family
Feeding – Food preferences and feeding habits
Distribution – Where the specie occurs
Common species – Examples of the most common species found.

Soft cover, 148 mm x 210 mm, 160 pages.