And so the adventure begins......

Indepth Scuba is Canberra's only scuba diving centre.

We have the longest history in the Canberra region and can accommodate for all your diving needs, with our in-house service and repairs, air, EANX and o2 fills, hydrostatic testing and selling leading brands in store and online.

We have been certifying divers since 1998, we have shared our dreams and fulfilled dreams of others.  We have traveled to amazing places, experienced different cultures and dived historic sites. Our roots are authentic and our philosophy is simple – love the journey.

We can test your scuba cylinder in-store.

How often do scuba tanks need to be hydro tested?

Australia requires diving cylinders to be checked on a regular basis once a year, every twelve months from the most recent test stamp. Scuba Cylinder Testing usually consists of an internal visual inspection and a hydrostatic test in accordance with the inspection intervals specified by Australian Standards.

Apeks DSX - Dive Computer
$1,960.00 from $1,699.00
Shearwater Petrel 3 SA
$2,000.00 from $1,800.00