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Faber Steel Cylinder - 300 bar - 12 litre - HP DIN Valve

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Faber 12 Litre 300 bar Faber Cylinder Specifications:

  • Fill pressure: 300 bar (4351 psi)
  • Test pressure: 465 bar (6744 psi)
  • Standard: BS 5045 Pt 1
  • Material: 34CRMO4 Chromium Molybdenum Alloy Steel
  • Manufacturing Process: Cold deep drawing from steel plate
  • Primary Finish: Hot Zinc sprayed, layer thickness 60/70 microns
  • Final Finish: 2 part polyurethane white paint sprayed and air dried
  • Internal Finish: Chemically treated with Ferrous Phosphate
  • Neck Thread: 3/4 inch NPSM

Popular for filling airguns, air rifle and paintball guns.

This 12 litre 300 bar cylinder is perfect for those far away from a filling station who regularly use their air rifle. A 12 litre Air Gun Cylinder filled to 300 bar is good for roughly 40 fills of an air rifle tank. The cylinder is fitted with a tank boot which keeps it upright when not in use.

These cylinders are made by Faber, the leading European manufacturer of scuba diving tanks, with extremely high-quality steel made to international standards. Faber cylinders display a unique combination of size, weight and buoyancy.